Character sketch Of Prospero|The Tempest|By Shakespeare

Character sketch Of Prospero

Character sketch Of Prospero Tempest

Prospero is the principal character or the protagonist of the play. "The Tempest". All the action emanate from him and because of him. The opening episode which depicts a fierce storm is masterminded by him and play ends with an epilogue addressed by him to the audience.

          Prospero's story unfolds through his own words to Miranda. The events of the story reveal his character. We come to know that he used to be the powerful ruler of Milan, whose power was usurped by his own brother, whom he loved like his own son. The deep interest he had in philosophy and magic compelled him to indulge in studies more and more. With the result, he handed over the governance of his state to his brother Antonio. That was the tragic flaw in his character, which brought about his disaster. He and his daughter were bu8ndled off in a flimsy boat, unfit even for rats, to the mercy of the sea. But the gallant Prospero survived and established himself as the ruler of an uninhabited island with the help of magic. He used his magical power to dominate the spirit of the island. It is as though he was born to rule, and he ruled everyone's destiny, including those of his enemies.

           Prospero comes across as a doting parent who lavishes all his love and care on his only daughter Miranda. His training has been impeccable so that Miranda grows up to be a gentle, loving and graceful being, with a tender heart. Everything Prospero does is for the well-being, of his daughter, even the storm bring the life partner of this daughter. With the help of Ariel, he makes the young people fall in love. The protective father that he is, he creates impediments in their way to strengthen their bond. He makes Ferdinand perform a mental task to test his sincerity. Once he is assured of Ferdinand's sincerity, he gives his daughter's hand to the young love3r but with a warning, that is, not to take advantage of her innocence.

          Even though his enemy is powerful, vengeful and dangerous, yet he is tender, forgiving and divine. In spite of the grievous wrong done, he forgives his enemies wholeheartedly, as he believes in humanity rather than revenge. He releases Ariel to his elements and leaves the island to Caliban.

          Like all humans, Prospero has flaws in character. He enslaves Ariel and Caliban and exploits them. He is especially cruel to Caliban but this can be excused, considering the wicked nature of the son of a witch. Also, he is relentless in pursuit of his enemies and makes them go through pain and depression but just to make the repent.

          Once his purpose is fulfilled, Prospero renounces his magical power and returns to his kingdom, which is restored to him. Toward the end of the play, we see him as a mature man full of philosophical insight, who is able to see life with equanimity of mind.

          Tus, Prospero encaptures the qualities of a philosopher, moralist. and a human, with saintly qualities: a man of wisdom who willingly gives up his supernatural powers with which he could control even the forces of NAture. Only an enlightened person can do that.