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Merchant Of Venice Workbook Answer

ICSE The Merchant Of Venice by Shakespeare- [complete guide]

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1. Merchant Of Venice solution | Morning Star | Xavier Pinto 


  • Scene 1 Question Answer Solution

2. Character sketch of the important character 

  • Shylock
  • Antonio
  • Bassanio
  • Portia
  • Jessica
  • Lorenzo
  • Balthazar
  • Salerio
  • Nerissa
  • Prince Of Morocco
  • Solanio
  • Launcelot Gobbo
  • Stephano
  • Gratiano
  • Tubal

3. Main Theme of Merchant Of Venice

  • Self-Interest Versus Love
  • The Divine Quality of Mercy
  • Hatred as a Cyclical Phenomenon

4. Some Important Question/Answer and Topics (Board Point Of View)


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