ICSE Treasure Chest Class 9 And 10 Workbook Answers


Treasure Chest is an English literature workbook most famous in the ICSE curriculum. The workbook of Treasure Chest is by  Morning Star (Beeta) and Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. (New Delhi). Treasure Chest Book has two Volume:
  • Volume - I: Poems
  • Volume - II: Short Stories
In this article, I am going to provide a complete Guide for a Treasure Chest short story Which will include a Workbook Solution i.e Workbook questions and answers, an Explanation of each and every Story, along with the Characterisation of Characters from Each story.

For any doubts related to any of the subjects, you can ask me on the Telegram group.

Treasure Chest Story Solution.

Treasure Chest Poem Solution

No Poems
1 A Work of Artifice – Marge Piercy
2 Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat – T.S. Eliot
3 I Remember, I Remember – Thomas Hood
4 A Doctor's Journal Entry for August 6, 1945 – Vikram Seth
5 The Night Mail – W.H. Auden
6 The Brook Alfred – Lord Tennyson
7 On Killing a Tree – Gieve Patel
8 The Village School Master – Oliver Goldsmith
9 My Mind to me a Kingdom is – Edward Dyer
10 A Poison Tree – William Blake
11 Haunted Houses – H.W. Longfellow
12 The Glove and the Lions – Leigh Hunt
13 When Great Trees fall – Maya Angelou
14 A Considerable Speck – Robert Frost
15 The Power of Music – Sukumar Ray
16 King Porus – Michael Madhusudan Dutt
17 The Cry of the Children – Elizabeth Barrett Browning
18 The Crocodile's Toothache – Shel Silverstein
19 The Hero – Siegfried Sassoon
20 The West Wind – John Masefield
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