CBSE Class 10 Social Science Notes

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  • The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
  • Nationalism in India
  • The Making of a Global World
  • The Age of Industrialization
  • Print Culture and the Modern World


  • Power Sharing
  • Federalism
  • Democracy and Diversity
  • Gender, Religion and Caste
  • Popular Struggles and Movements
  • Political Parties
  • Outcomes of Democracy
  • Challenges to Democracy


  • Resource and Development
  • Forest and Wildlife Resources
  • Water Resources
  • Agriculture
  • Mineral and Energy Resources
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Lifelines of Indian Economy


  • Development
  • Sectors of the Indian Economy
  • Money and Credit
  • Globalisation and the Indian Economy
  • Consumer Rights (Note: Chapter 5 ‘Consumer Rights’ to be done as Project Work)