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Mathematical analysis

This book is intended to serve as a text in Mathematical Analysis for undergraduate and postgraduate students of various universities. professionals will also find this book use the book has theory from its very beginning the foundation has been laid very carefully and the treatment is rigorously based on modern line. It opens with a brief outline of the essential properties of rational numbers and using Dedekind's cut, the properties of real numbers as established. The foundation supports the subsequent chapters: Topological Framework Real Sequences and Series, Continuity, Differentiation, Function of Several Variables, Elementary and Implicit FunctionS, Riemann and Riemann-Stieltjes IntegralS, Lebesgue Integrals, Surface, Double and Triple Integrals, which are discussed in detail. Uniform Convergence, Power Series, Fourier Series, Improper Integrals have been presented in as simple and lucid a manner as possible. The number of solved examples of various types has also been included.

As for the need, in the present atmosphere, a chapter on Metric spaces discussing completeness, compactness, and content was of the spaces has been added. Finally, two appendices discussing Beta Gamma function, and Cantor's theory of real number, add glory to the content of the book

Book details

Author: SC Malik, Savita Arora
Publishers:  New age international (P) limited
Edition:  5th
Reprint: 2021
Number of pages:  870
What you get in the book: 20 Chapters along with Appendix 1( Beta and gamma functions) appendix II( Canton's theory of Real numbers)
Quality: Coloured


  1. Real Numbers
  2. Open sets, Closed sets, and Countable Sets
  3. Real Sequences
  4. Infinite Series
  5. Function of a Single Variable(I)
  6. Function of a Single Variable(II)
  7. Applications of Taylor's Theorem
  8. Functions
  9. The Riemann Integral
  10. The Riemann-Stieltjes Integral
  11. Improper Integral
  12. Uniform Convergence
  13. Power Series
  14. Fourier Series
  15. Functions Of Several Variables
  16. Implicit Function
  17. Integration on R²
  18. Integration on R³
  19. Metric Spaces
  20. The Lebesgue Integral
  • Appendix 1( Beta and gamma functions) 
  • Appendix II( Canton's theory of Real numbers)
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